Welcome To Pak Oman Investment Company

Pak Oman Investment Company Limited is a specialised Financial Institution formed as a joint venture between the Governments of Pakistan and Sultanate of Oman in July 2001.

The company has equal equity participation by each sovereign sponsor of Rs 3.075 billion with total paid up capital of Rs 6.15 billion and a professional and independent Board formed primarily from the private sector.  Credit Rating (JCR-VIS): AA+ 

Certificate of investment

  • The Current Rates Offered are

    1 Months 12.80% p.a.

    3 Months 13.25% p.a.

    6 Months 13.15% p.a.

    1 Year 13.00% p.a.

  • 1 years investment
    with us

    Monthly Profit 12.30% p.a.

    Quarterly Profit 12.45% p.a.

    Semi Annual Profit 12.60% p.a.