Welcome To Pak Oman Investment Company

Pak Oman Investment Company Limited is a specialised Financial Institution formed as a joint venture between the Governments of Pakistan and Sultanate of Oman in July 2001.

The company has equal equity participation by each sovereign sponsor of Rs 3.075 billion with a total paid up capital of Rs 6.15 billion and a professional and independent Board formed primarily from the private sector. 

Certificate of investment

  • The Current Rates Offered are

    1 Months 10.00% p.a.

    3 Months 10.20% p.a.

    6 Months 10.30% p.a.

    1 Year 10.60% p.a.

    2 Year 0.00

  • 1 years investment
    with us

    Monthly Profit 10.10% p.a.

    Quarterly Profit 10.20% p.a.

    Semi Annual Profit 10.30% p.a.

  • 2 years investment
    with us

    Monthly Profit 0.00

    Quarterly Profit 0.00

    Semi Annual Profit 0.00